Hey, everybody. We're Stoned Fruit.

We’re in the business of giving your business “the what for.”


We believe that it’s in the creative, intentional and bold places that we build our best business and brands, so our purpose is to awaken a lifelong love of bold entrepreneurialism, for all.

Starting today, we are your friendly neighborhood boutique marketing micro-agency and creative writing studio, working to help you experience the transformational power of a well-developed brand. We bring you top-quality storytelling savvy and strategy, expert advice, copywriting, educational experiences, and inspiring stories of “living the brand.” And because it’s our job to nurture connections and reinforce shared values, every engagement with Stoned Fruit stewards the entrepreneurship of ideas, supports sustainable business and helps the fight for life outside the 9-to-5…because sovereignty is sacred.

So whether you’re new to the business arena or a seasoned pro, we hope you’ll join us.

Stoned Fruit: A different kind of agency 

Being a member-driven co-operative allows us to focus on shared values, not market share.

On Day 1, more than half of our collective working hours are invested back into entrepreneurial communities through exclusive opportunities to Stoned Fruit members, partner profit-sharing and network super-connections, and investments in platforms dedicated to women in business.

We don’t know where we’ll be a year from now, but it is our wildest dream to disrupt the business arena with innovations that deliver a strong sense of support and peace of mind to anyone making a go of building a brand. We will continue to push in this direction because we believe in putting community before competition. Each year, more and more people are choosing to become resilient, hard-working business owners, building beautiful brands and living life on their own terms. We hope you will, too.

If you’re a marketing enthusiast hungry for content, opt-in.

Brandbuilders, marketing managers, and DIY-types, you are our people. Get connected to thought leadership, spiced advice, and masterminds that uplifts your acumen and keep the creative juices flowing.

Our flagship product launches 10/15

Bring your profile to life with thoughtful strategy and A+ copywriting.

Tell your story through the structure of narrative and darn good writing. Professional copywriting gives your profile a conversational tone that people can relate to. Lean in on lessons learned from the world of marketing and branding to help your profile do its job. Together, we get to the heart of how and why you do what you do. We’ll uncover keywords, lay out your career path, and highlight what’s really important to you. Harness the power of this dynamic platform and transform the way you network in the digital landscape.

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