$2,500.00 USD

Positioning & Messaging Brandventure

Immerse yourself in brand therapy and entrepreneurial activism in this 3-part 1:1 real-time workshop and transformative brandventure.

Join a like-minded brand strategist and marketing specialist for three sessions of spectacular discovery, positioning, and brand development in a virtual wonderland. All you have to bring to the table is your vision and vibe. 

While you're casually talking about your business—the kind of clients you like and the communities you serve, the projects that give you life and the people you’re passionate about, or just generally info-dumping about your thing—a brand strategist will be hard at parsing themes / patterns / ideas, hard at work stylizing the perfect words to articulate your brand position and messaging. 

From “who are your people?” to “what do they need?; from “who are you?” to “what do you deliver?” we seek the treasures of the unique value proposition. Expert brand guides share insights and take us beyond your experience and services. Thoughtful coaching moments enhance our experience. We mastermind with shared understanding and indulge in brand therapy in a business coaching setting.

Starting with our very first session, we explore your extraordinary entrepreneurial journey. You’ll watch a creative writer articulate your brand with storytelling savvy and compelling concepts. 

The process in and of itself brings forth radical self-acceptance and elevated expression in the form of a highly-sophisticated, deeply nuanced, and absolutely authentic positioning statement and on-target messaging

Stand unapologetically behind a brand you are proud of, worthy of attention.

Whether Positioning & Messaging is on your wanderlust list or you’re simply craving very, very good brand articulation to inspire massive marketing magic, this brandventure is a self-belief nourishing, business-affirming service.

Positioning & Messaging Brandventure Experience Highlights

  • Set out on invigorating discussions along with some of marketing's most creative thinkers and writers.
  • Enjoy strategy sessions surrounded by colorful coaching and inspired ideas.
  • Explore the charming, 1:1 bedside manner of expert brand guides.
  • Spend each meeting in a comfortable Zoom setting.
  • Stoned Fruit Brandventure—designed for high-achievers, guided by high-achievers.

 Positioning & Messaging Brandventure Activities

This brandventure is rated Easy Active [1]. Participants should enjoy coaching and feel comfortable talking about themselves with elevated discovery and deep question-asking for either 45 or 90 minutes for multiple sessions. To maximize your enjoyment of the experience and to avoid project fatigue, we suggest setting your schedule at least 2–3 weeks prior to kick-off. 

  • Zoom Calls
  • Position Statement Reveal & Polish  
  • Positioning & Messaging Optimization Coaching 


What's Included

Done with You | Positioning & Messaging: a well-developed and deeply nuanced positioning statement and messaging pillars coordinated in elegant alignment with brand strategy that feels absolutely authentic and oh-so-you.  


  1. Private Zoom Room
  2. Collaborative Google Docs
  3. Immersive Learning 

Articulate and amplify your vision and vibe. 🍒 A Positioning Statement gives you the clarity and confidence you crave in the sovereignty of a single sentence—and Messaging is her trusted companion.

What People Are Saying:

After only 90 minutes, Rebecca distilled my essence into a passage that fit even when I changed niches! Trust her to describe you at your best & most authentic core.

Tara Lassiter

Rebecca is one-of-a kind, the real deal. She got me before I totally understood what I was going for and was able to say out loud the things I have been too afraid to voice. With her on my side, I feel confident that I'll be reaching the folks meant to be my clients and partners, and having a ton of fun along the way!

Ruchi Warrier

Rebecca is truly a unicorn. There is no one like her. She starts by asking all the right questions and getting to know you and your business. She then transforms that knowledge into magical words, also known as messaging and positioning statements. The content she created for my business is spot-on, and it's saved me vast amounts of time and provided a much-needed focus. One of my long-time friends read some copy she wrote for me and said, "Wow. She completely knows you. Has she known you for a long time? Wow, this is so you."

Jody Wissing

When I reached out to Rebecca, I knew I needed to refine the way I position my brand, but I had a tough time articulating the questions I needed to ask her. And it's never easy to admit that even though I do this for other people all the time, I need support positioning myself because I have a broad spectrum of talents and interests. The process uncovered some surprising aha moments and gave me a ton of clarity around how I talk about my business, including who I serve and the problems I solve. 10/10 recommend working with Rebecca.

Erin Pennings

Working on our positioning statement with Rebecca - and embracing the finished product - is among the top 5 best things I have ever done to mature, grow, and advance my business.

Elaine Stageberg

The positioning exercise you did for me has paid dividends. Hope your rebranding has been delicious and delightful! 🍑🍒

Rachel Kennedy