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Renegade Serenade

book project and companion podcast


Seeking interviews with delicious disruptors who have something to say—because dissent with intent is time well spent.

Read on brave, strong, and determined leaders with a story to tell...

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Add your voice to the zeitgeist in enlightened protest of “the way we’ve always done it.”


Serve as a shining example for others seeking the inspiration and the moxie to swim upstream and reposition the status quo.

  • Tell your story 
  • Give spiced advice
  • Challenge normalized mediocrity
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Meet the minds behind The Renegade Serenade 

Rebecca Gunter

Host and Entreprenuerial Activist 

For ambitious disruptors who detest mediocrity and want to position themselves as far from the conventional crowd as possible, Rebecca Gunter is the maverick copywriter who teeters the line between genius wordsmith and rogue marketer here to help you unapologetically take up space.

Stoned Fruit 

Brand Strategy Agency and Converting Copy Shop  

Stand up and stand out or shut up and sit down. Creative campaigns to empower entrepreneurially-spirited, wildly creative, and tenaciously talented business disruptors and leaders. A place where rules get buried, scripts get burned, and real talk is the only language we speak.

Do a deeper dive into this vibe.
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Show us your power moves. 

Seeking industry innovators and deliberate disruptors to interview for Renegade Serenade, the book and companion podcast.

Apply now to be interviewed for the book and/or featured on the podcast. 

There is no charge or hidden agenda. You will not be relentlessly sold to. This project is for the good of everybody who sees things differently. Renegade Serenade strives to be a goddamned inspiration to mavericks everywhere by celebrating our special sauce.

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Business-as-usual can suck it. If the thought of sounding and acting the same as anyone else makes you feel physically sick, you need to be a part of this project. 



Rebecca Gunter

Founder of Renegade Serenade and Stoned Fruit 

Celebrating and inspiring maverick problem solvers cultivating an unconventional personal brand.

 📺 58 min watch

Stoned Fruit Roll.Up  
"Inclusive Branding in the Age of Rainbow Wash" with Saturn Gunter

📺 60 min watch

Stoned Fruit Roll.Up 
"Rewild Your Business" with Gill Moakes 

📺 58 min watch

Stoned Fruit Roll.Up 
"Bodacious Backends" with Kathleen McDonald 

 💯📺 Playlist 

Business in the Raw Season 1: Janine
12 episodes; 1 entrepreneur-in-residence; one grand brandventure


🎧 55 min listen

Heads Together
with Gill Moakes
"Content with Intent"

🎧 19 min listen

Campground Compass
with Donna Bordeaux and Zack Bordeaux 
"Articulate Your Authenticity"
Get to know Rebecca Gunter's Podcast Persona