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Bring your reputation to life and communicate clearly, compellingly, and conversationally who you are, what you do, and what makes you totally unique.


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Put the wind in your sales. 

For people learning to fall in love with LinkedIn, capture first-glance sales opportunities, because LinkedIn loves to do the selling for you….if you let it. 

Step into your personal brand.

If you’re serious about making a name for yourself as an expert in “your thing,” flex your knowledge, network, and creativity in positioning.

These are your words. 

Career transformation artists, master the art of expressing that je ne sais quoi to capture curiosity and make meaningful connections.

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For High-Achieving Individuals and Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs


Shine online on THE platform for thought leadership and networking with powerful copy—on brand and in place—driving connections.

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For Teams, Project Collaborators, and Departments


Unify front-line marketing and social media and shine online—on brand and in place—driving conversations and connections in business.

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For Businesses, Companies, and Organizations


Bring your reputation to life in words, actions, and images on the leading online publishing and social media site for business building and activated networks.

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Optimization Coaching

Lean into teachable moments.

Discover several solid nooks and crannies on your profile page to put in place powerful branded copy, driving engagement up—way up.

Transform the way you network in the digital landscape.

Get unstuck from resume speak. 

Uh. Enough already. Give your profile a conversational tone that people can relate to. Tell your story through the structure of narrative and darn good writing.


Bring in a pro. 

Straight to the heart of how and why you do what you do. We’ll uncover keywords, lay out your career path, and highlight what’s really important to you.


Position yourself.

No one has a linear career path anymore. Bring it all into focus showcasing how individual experiences have shaped the professional person you are today.


Give 'em a reason to stick around.

For serious networkers, a run-of-the-mill and anemic profile is easy to dismiss. Keep them interested beyond the connect.


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Ok, ok it's my turn to shine online. Sign me up.


For the High-Achieving Individuals and Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur


Showcase your personal brand, flex your knowledge, and nurture a network online.

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers are the fruit-to-nuts overhaul of your personal profile—from headline to about to experience—that delivers the done-for-and-with-you copy and profile optimization here to bring your reputation to life. 

Communicate clearly, compellingly, and conversationally who you are, what you do, and what makes you totally unique in original copywriting, adorable and unignorable…because LinkedIn does not have to be boring.

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GROUP EFFORT | LI  Makeovers

for Teams, Project Collaborators, and Departments


Present a cohesive online presence that showcases both the collective and the individual talents of your teams. 

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers overhauls personal profiles—from headline to about to current experience. Communicate the multi-splendored core competencies of the individual folks within the organization and amplify the infinitely awesome super-power of your collective collaboration solving perplexing problems and leading industry innovation. 

LinkedIn Profile Makeovers for Teams unify the faces of your business…because your brand is your people.  

BIZ | LI  Makeovers

for Businesses, Companies, and Organizations


When it comes to the evergreen assets that grease the wheels of marketing and communication, don’t sleep on LinkedIn business pages. 

This is your company welcome mat for the largest business-focused social media platform in the world. People look to this page for information on services, job opportunities, and your general vibe. Let’s give ‘em something to believe in. 

LinkedIn Business Page Makeovers delivers well-positioned copywriting that gives voice to your online persona and encourages interaction.


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What’s included?

Transformational makeovers dripping with compelling professionalism and personal brand. 

🍒 |  Done-for-you Original Copywriting (HEADLINE, ABOUT, EXPERIENCE) 

🍑 | Profile Optimization Coaching 

🥥 | Organic Keyword Identification

🫒 | Personal or Business Brand Positioning Statement

🥑 | Messaging that Matters
Deep 1:1 Discovery and Brain Dumping, no fill-in the form here

✍️ | Articulating Your Career Journey and Core Competencies

👓 | Real-Time Review and

👍 | Ready-for-Prime-Time Copy Delivery

🫶 | Strategic Planning for Thought Leadership and Content Creation 

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Investing in yourself isn’t for the faint of heart. There is a lot to consider. Time. Money. ROI. Seek comfort and connection in these frequently asked questions. 

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LinkedIn loves to do the selling for you...if you let it


Drive aligned engagement up—way up

Capture eyeballs and curiosity 

Maximize first-glance network building opportunities

Optimize optimism and enthusiasm for your thing 

Put powerful branded copy perfectly in place

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Now, it's your turn to shine online. 

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Career Transformation Artists and the r/evolutionary,
these are your words.

Master the art of expressing that je ne sais quoi to capture curiosity and make meaningful connections…. because LinkedIn does not have to be boring.