Status-quo smashers, idea factories, and problem-solvers you are our people.


If you’ve ever thought you would never find anyone who could write the recipe for your secret sauce we challenge you to do it our way. 

Articulation, copy and content—the literal incarnation of your one-of-a-kind positioning, messaging, and core values—that feels oh-so-you, because it is.


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Maverick disruptors, are you swimming upstream, bucking convention, and unapologetically doing things differently?

Let's get you the words you're been craving to match that energy and give 'em something to believe in with some mighty messaging.

Stoned Fruit is the Brand Strategist and Converting Copy Shop here to help determined change-makers, thought leaders, and industry innovators see themselves in words, basking in radical self-belief and brimming with genuine copy confidence.

Because articulation is everything. 


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Meet the Peach-in-Chief 

Hey everybody, I’m Rebecca Gunter and I am obsessed with collaborating creatively with reputation-builders, stigma smashers, and innovative idea factories who need an instantly recognizable and sustainably sticky brand voice for themselves and their business.

Stoned Fruit is the Entrepreneurial Activator and Creative Content Agency that delivers brand coaching, messaging strategy, and creative writing wrapped in the courage and liberation to own your own voice. 


Team Spirit for Fellow Fruitsters

Kathleen Stewart

Lead Lychee on Business Management
Producer of the Stoned Fruit Roll.Up

If you’re going to be anything, be effective. Kathleen has a low tolerance for the overcomplicated, inefficient, or misaligned; she is a woman on a mission to make business work. Her no-nonsense attitude pairs nicely with hilarious sarcasm, unbridled empathy, and unconditional support for the people she cares about. She is the entrepreneurial activist and founder-wrangler we all need right now. 

Saturn Gunter

Intergalactic Intern

The voice of a new power generation, Saturn brings both barrels of the GenZ POV to their role as receipt-wrangler, seasonal livestream producer, and occasional host of the Stoned Fruit Roll.Up. Saturn is an accomplished writer in their own right; producing many original characters and delivering commissioned work.

Teetering the line between wordsmith brainbox and rogue marketer.


Entrepreneurship ain’t for the faint of heart. It requires a tenacity that can only come from within. If you really want to truly be an experimental, risk-taking visionary you’re going to need self-belief—and you’re going to need a lot of it. 

We believe that you can’t be a catalyst for change or an advocate for daring to be different if you can’t articulate exactly who you are and why we should care. 

To truly be understood, you must be brave enough to understand yourself.

After all, it’s easy to sell a proven concept, the way we’ve always done it, the known quantity; there’s so much evidence to support it. Not to yuk-the-yum of the middle of the market, play it safe types, but this ain’t that.

Rather, Stoned Fruit is the brand strategy agency and converting copy shop for maverick disruptors for whom being unapologetically avant garde is their unique value proposition.

We’re for determined change-makers, thought leaders, and industry disruptors. Our people buck convention and are innovative, inclusive, adventurous. We represent for the ones who haven’t had much luck finding a copywriter or a marketing plan that could match their energy.

Together, we collaborate to co-create, and feed a healthy marketing mix with the kind of branded copy that stands out like a meerkat in a mass of mediocre and brings your reputation to life in words, actions, and images. 


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