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Copywriters, creative writers, and anyone who needs to write, Stoned Fruit is a safe space to practice, participate, and pontificate about all things creative and clever—because words have meaning.

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Tune In, Turn On, and Drupe Out

Join us for a quarterly meetup, where a group of us gather to talk about the trials and triumphs intrinsic to the entrepreneurship of wordsmithery.










Tune In, Turn On, Drupe Out is an informal and inspirational meetup that brings together writers of every stripe who make a living from the entrepreneurship of wordsmithery. Industry insights and best practices are welcome, good vibes required.

We will never betray your confidence.

Pit-perfect. Ripen your most authentic self. 🥑 🍒 🍑 🥭

Ditch the suit & tie-vibe and step into creative writing. 

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We will never betray your confidence.

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We're always on the lookout for talented copywriters for partnership. This is a fruit salad, not a fruit smoothie. Individual voices are celebrated; we just love how each voice has its own unique flavor AND tosses in so well with the rest of us. 

If you’ve got a talent for wordsmithery and/or are creative and innovative, we’d love to know about you. I can’t wait to get to know your specialty, UVP, niche, xfactor, brand, “virtuosity,” and/or work. 

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