Meet Octo Ophelia

Because humans need humble heroes.

Get to know our fictional brand ambassador. She is here to help us all accelerate engagement and break out of the boring. And no one is better suited for the job. After all, our girl has nine marketing brains, three branding hearts, and the copper-rich lifeblood called content.

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Storytelling savvy and the entrepreneurship of ideas.

Octo Ophelia—Mx. Ophelia, if you’re nasty—lives to represent the creative and the quirky. You’ll find her spectacled-speculations at every teachable moment and cheerleading opportunity. She is your affable online hostess during done-with-you services, online courses, and in edu resources. Three cheers for the cephalopod-in-chief!

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Octo Ophelia debuted on LinkedIn to inspire creativity. Her fully-realized personal profile serves as a tangible, interactive example of optimistic optimization. 

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Swim in clarity and confidence. Join Octo Ophelia on a self-guided journey to the center of your who-what-why-how, for the love of the brand.


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