Scale Your Righteous Notions

brand strategy entrepreneurial activism spiced advice Mar 06, 2024

Leverage the joy of being an expert at something that turns you on—and the magic that happens when you teach it.

Oh Entrepreneurialism, is there anything you can’t do? I love it. Few things are as rewarding as earning money doing your thing your way on your own terms. Building a business may be the road less traveled; it may be rocky; you may have to crawl long stretches on your knees, but your choices are always yours. And while that is very, very cool—but that’s not even my favorite part. 


Greater than the independence and the ability to command your own revenue with only the clients you want to work with on completely craveable projects—arguably the victory garden we’re all marching toward, I want to wax romantic on the joy of being an expert at something that turns you on. Oh, and the magical thing that happens when we share/teach it.

See this idea embodied. Watch a passionate professional share his love for the work he does (kinetic therapy) and the joy of teaching it with fervor. 

“Teach others. And that’s what’s so freaking cool…..You could change their life, right? Completely forever. Just by explaining a few things to them—because you have been doing this work for so long. Being able to work with other professionals on my theories on touch and how to apply touch, holy crap…that made me really excited because all of the sudden [they] went from quote-unquote massage therapist to a body worker or more of a healer.”

Tapping into the power of teaching transformation and those inherent rewards? Yes, please. 

Now, THAT’S how we challenge the status quo and quit doing things the way we’ve always done it (when the way we’ve always done it is clearly not that great.) 


Because as experts, we know how to change lives and make the world a better place. The trick is to scale beyond doing it one client at a time. 

It would have been easy for our A-list body worker to keep charging premium prices to premium clients and keep-on-keeping-on growing a thriving practice that a small set of people know about him. By all accounts, he would be considered successful. 

While it’s clear he loves being great at what he does and leveraging his expertise to help his own clients, what brings this fellow joy is helping another professional person in the field absolutely transform from a therapist to healer.

Where others see competition, he sees connection and communion.  

Now, he’s changing lives beyond one client at a time. He is positively impacting the lives of everyone he has taught and/or influenced, and their own mentees and clients. If eradicating deep [tissue] pain and discomfort for people is the change you want to see in the world, teach others how to do it, too. 

Want to elevate big ideas, creative solutions, or ways to do it differently (and therefore, it will be better)? We have to teach others. This is the way to be a true champion for your thing—because being renowned is contagious.  

Is there anything better than getting paid for your expertise? Yes, actually changing the world with it, now that’s a big, phat, cherry on the humanitarian + sovereignty sundae. 🍒🍨

And about that magic part I mentioned….


Hear me out, hear me out: While you can build a business one client at a time, you can’t build your reputation that way. 

In order to be the recognized authority on your thing, and therefore, considered completely qualified to lead innovations and solutions, you must make an impact. Whilst you can just shout how you are the wo/man-with-the-plan from the rooftops, and/or rely on word of mouth one client at a time, the most win-win thing you can ever do for yourself and others is to teach many how to do that voodoo that you do so well

Now you are not only known for your thing, but able to influence the magnitude of your thing,  turning therapists into healers, bosses into mentors, small businesses into financial freedom, and touchpoints into touchdowns. 



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