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Join us on one person’s journey to discover an authentic personal brand.

Pull back the curtain on the internet’s safest co-creation space in intimate conversation and “entrepre-therapy” with some of the most maverick minds in the business arena today—building a bold brand and having the courage to live it—with Janine and Gill.

Janine is on the brink of personal r/evolution. She has spent many lifetimes nurturing people, plants, and passion projects. She is insatiably curious, totally engaged, and gracious with deep intention. No matter what hand she is dealt, you best believe she’s going to do it with grace and glory. With a 9-to-5 hustle behind her, and the kids grown, it’s Janine’s turn to turn up—for herself. Like any great gardener, she’s taking a lay of the land and wondering, “now, what can I grow here?” If you’ve ever wondered how entrepreneurs “do the work” of launching—and living—a brand that feels oh-so-them (because it is) take a taste of Business in the Raw.

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