🥳🎂 Happy First Birthday, Heads Together 🎧

podcast Mar 13, 2023
Heads Together with Gill Moakes

🎙️🏴‍☠️ Podcast Takeover 

Our favoritest podcast turns 1 today. 👈🎧 Entrepreneur-types are some magical creatures. No other professional persona shows the drive to self-direct, self-believe, and self-educate—literally learning whatever they need to learn to make things happen toward their wildest visions.

Gill Moakes would call this a full-fat business. 

The idea of a business that does not skimp on professional self-actualization, high-ticket offers, and lifestyle freedom is very appealing. The soundbite: “Are you beavering away at a low-fat version of your business?” takes up permanent residency in my brain; Gill’s truth-provoking question rings in my mind often. Gilliant, amirite, business builders?

For you see, just like milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese, there are varying degrees of full-fat. Are you skim? Are you 2%? 4%? Does every single aspect of your enterprise feel creamy, rich, and delicious, or more like a suggestion of awesomeness? 

I mean, what if we actually did sluff off the parts of our agencies, solo-providerships, coaching and consulting practices that were anemic and undeserving? What would it look like to put the ill-fitting projects and clients aside and start taking our businesses to the fullest expression? 

I’ll tell you what it would look like, friends. It would look like a lady who hung out her own shingle after learning everything she could in the shortest amount of time working 9-to-5 under a corporate structure.

It would look like a woman who then started her entrepreneurial journey as a Virtual Assistant, striving to be the most amazing wind-beneath-someone’s-wings ever. She would go on to help many entrepreneurs build their empires, embracing all that this work had to teach her about business modeling, software and systems, and orchestrating workflows. She developed an almost ethereal intuition for consumer pain points. 

Picture this excellent VA start to attract more work than she can handle and get inspired to begin an agency. She, herself, would onboard and consult with the client and her nimble team would handle the administrative lift of VA work. Together, they would help many small businesses implement systems, build brand and get great at growing sustainably. 

You would see that driven entrepreneur then take everything she has learned about building a beautiful business—reputation, goals, and income all in elegant alignment—and answer a call to share it with others. She would invest a year of her life to get a coaching certificate, nailing the accreditation. She would stop taking on clients who wanted her to do stuff, and started taking ones that wanted her to teach them, inspire them, and hold them accountable for their own pursuit of financial freedom and career sovereignty. 

Now watch that sassy business coach decide that it was time to stop playing it small and start stepping into her very valid voice. She will overcome stage fright, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm and stake her claim on a platform that fits like a glove. 

Week after week, without fail, she sits alone in her cozy office and turns on her mic. Sometimes she interviews other experts, hosts quality conversations, and sometimes monologues. Sometimes she’s quirky and entertaining, and sometimes she is profoundly serious about people who are outstanding at what they do and the businesses she believes that they deserve. <waves pom poms from the sidelines> And every time, she is authentically herself showing up “all in” for the podcast. 

She will do this for 52 weeks in a row, sharing success stories and cautionary tales learned “doing the work” with clients and self-directing her own north star. 

This is what a full-fat version of something looks like. 

It is following your heart and acknowledging the role of critics and naysayers, even when the worst of them is you, yourself. It is taking the next right step, one at a time, until the quality of your work and the quality of your life are in divine harmony. 

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Fuck that. Building a business is decadent and delicious. Is it the hardest thing you’ll ever do? Yes! So is making ice cream from scratch. Woooorrrrthhh it. 

It probably isn’t lost on you, dear reader, that I am talking about Gill Moakes and her podcast Heads Together. If you’ve been here a while, you know we’re big fans of the show and have been a guest on several occasions.* 


Today, Heads Together celebrates a very special first birthday. One year ago today, episode 1 launched to podcast players everywhere—and we’re all better for it. 

I cannot wait to share this birthday episode with you THE MOST because Gill trusted me with a total takeover! I reverse-course on our affable host and interview my beautiful business bestie and mutual muse and it was a delight to record. 

I am pleased as punch to share this incredibly fun and fantastical episode. Laugh along as we torture each other with our English and American accents, respectively. Feel connected in our conversation about the wild and wonderful world of entrepreneurship. Take a taste of what it means to have a full-fat business, and then come back for seconds. 

LISTEN to Gill’s story and celebration of Heads Together. 🎂🥳🎧

It's fun to walk down memory lane with our original positioning statement, crafted a year ago. How close do you think we stayed in alignment?

For whole-hearted business owners who need to cut through the noise and tune in to the voice of reason, Heads Together with Gill Moakes is the weekly podcast that delivers the mindset and the coaching to build authentic relationships, create an abundant practice, and attract infinite opportunities, because when you’re that good, people listen and the language of entrepreneurship is real talk. 

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