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business in the raw entrepreneurial activism Apr 14, 2023

Ooze the smooth soothe on Business in the Raw Season 1 

For wildly adventurous entrepreneur-types who need to fully realize their creative self—in life and in business—Business in the Raw is the weekly one-hour show exclusive to 100TV that delivers one person’s journey to discover their authentic personal brand and bring that vibe to the forefront of business vision, execution, and energy because why be milquetoast when you can be maverick and why be everyone else when you can be you and true through and through. 

Janine Evergreen, where you going, where you been? How on earth do you want to be seen? 

Janine is on the brink of personal r/evolution. She has spent many lifetimes nurturing people, plants, and passion projects. Decades working in the public health sector, years of nonprofit work advocating for women’s health, and always-and-forever practicing spirituality in speech and song, Janine is a force to be reckoned with. 

From the outside looking in, it seems like everything Janine touches flourishes in her care. Children, communities, and care-giving; gardens, grooms, and God; Janine brings her full self to every conversation. She is insatiably curious, totally engaged, and gracious with deep intention. No matter what hand she is dealt, you best believe she’s going to do it with grace and glory.

With a 9-to-5 hustle behind her, and the kids grown, it’s Janine’s turn to turn up—for herself. 

Like any great gardener, she’s taking a lay of the land and wondering, “now, what can I grow here?” and for her, entrepreneurship is calling. 

Janine is craving something that will have fruitful returns. She’s seen what she can do in leadership roles and public service. She’s seen what she can do nurturing a marriage and family. She knows her worth and the value she consistently brings to her community and the music scene. Her voice has impact and that is clear in fundraising, advocacy, and justice. She has seen her own Victory Gardens–literally and metaphorically–bring forth abundance year after year.

She feels free, open, and optimistic. It is her time. Time for reinvention, time for r/evolution; and this time, she gets to create the life she wants, rather than react to the life she has.

Welcome to Season 1 | Janine

When it comes to creating a bold and beautiful business, good news! There is a lot we can work with. Janine has got some tremendous personal and professional advantages right out of the gate. 

Let’s start with that voice. It’s a “stop you in your tracks” kinda voice. She has a divine gift for expressing the human spirit in speech and song. She is a natural in front of a mic, God’s gift to voiceovers, podcasts/audio, and digital media. She also has the infrastructure to support it: a professional recording studio setup (and an enthusiastic son quite talented in audio production in his own right). 

For Janine, there isn't anything she can’t do with the tools at hand: a unique voice and a one-of-a-kind perspective. She could easily deliver on voiceover work, she could record original songs and storytelling, she can host or be a guest on a podcast, livestream, or recorded interview….and, and and.

And—and what she really pines for is a platform. She seeks to step out of her comfort zone and start a creative project of epic proportions, something that she shows up for time and time again with enthusiasm and energy, something she can be proud of. 

Moreover, she wants to learn. She wants to talk to people and explore their worlds, see what other folks are growing in their own “Victory Gardens.”

She seeks to not only learn the new skill set that will be required to launch a podcast, but also to have an entrepreneurial adventure that is more than a labor of love—Janine wants to reap what she sows. 

We are so in.

Come along with us as we co-create a business and a brand that makes Janine feel like she. has. arrived. Full stop. 

Over the course of the next 12-weeks, Janine and Rebecca will go on a Brandventure. They’re going to get deep into a safe and sacred space and explore the following questions from an entrepreneurial perspective:

Who are her people?
What do they need?
Who is Janine?
What does Janine deliver?
What makes her special, different, and The One?

Watch as they carve out a positioning statement that articulates a multi-passionate approach to business and enterprise endeavors that make a positive impact on humankind.

Together, Janine and Rebecca will collaborate on a brand strategy that feels absolutely authentic to Janine. (Rebecca reports that she will not rest until Janine is deliriously happy.) 

With the help of the creative team at Stoned Fruit, and in real time, copy will be written, launches will be planned, business models and brand stories will be articulated. We’re going for a full-fat version of Janine’s new creative business and power platform, from fruit to nuts. 

If you’ve ever wondered how entrepreneurs “do the work” of launching—and living—a brand that feels oh-so-them (because it is) take a taste of Business in the Raw, only on 100TV

We can’t wait to see it all come to fruition.