Your POV Can Never Be Replicated ✍️ 🧠

brand strategy entrepreneurial activism spiced advice Jan 17, 2024

The only way around deep fakes and empty promises is to show ‘em what’s real and raw.

In Ross Brand’s 100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions Vol 4, me and 112 other industry people, content creators and small business owners answered the question: What lies ahead for livestreaming and digital media?

Oh boy! oh boy! I thought you’d never ask. This is my time to stan for long-form content. 

<cracks knuckles>


Everywhere you look, the most respected social media minds in the game are telling us all to adjust our expectations for the ever-reducing attention span. Statistically, even this blog post will only get nine seconds of your attention. 🥂

( If you stuck around for ten, I salute you, and thank you for the warm welcome into your attention span. I'll do my best not to f’ it up with content that wasn’t worth the read. 🫡 )

I am punching up, however, at the idea that we can only force-feed our audience that rusty old hook-line-sinker content strategy…or we won’t eat ourselves. 

evolution > revolution

Content creators, marketing people, and anyone who is nurturing a platform to bring reputations to life, dare not be anemic with your time, effort, or quality of work — the future of Livestreaming & Digital Media is making an impassioned case for long-form content. If you detest the mediocre and the battle of attrition with noisemakers and na’er-do-wells cluttering the internet and stealing eyeballs from audiences everywhere, do not be discouraged. In a world of AI and information overload, the only way around deep fakes and empty promises is to show ‘em what’s real and raw. Your POV can never be replicated.

More and more, AI-generated content and special sauce copycats are creeping into your ecosystem and making us all suspicious of what’s “real.” (See what I mean in this episode of the StreamLeader Report (19.10) where Rob Greenlee paints a picture straight out of Blade Runner and so can we just talk about it?)



If you believe the futurecasters and uber-accurate prognosticators of 100 Predictions—and I most certainly do—then the world, both online and offline, is going to only get more noisy, less human, and utterly surreal. 

And while long-form content and livestream’d, no-filter broadcasts aren’t as popular as the b-roll-happy shorts and reels right now, they will be. Because as Jude Charles likes to say, “you can pretend to show up, but you can’t pretend to care.” 

Well, at least, not for longer than 9 seconds, amirite dear readers who are still with me? 

So, if you’re freaking out about the AI takeover, the struggle is real. But I believe that creative people will find a way to stand up and stand out (or sit down and shut up). You can differentiate yourself from the copycats in this bot-eat-bot world. 

You just gotta give curious colleagues, clients, and collaborators something to believe in. After all, when it comes to AI, the jury is still out on Friend or Faux?, but one thing for certain and two things for sure, you know it when you see it. 

Your perspective can never be replicated. 



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